One of the goals of the tripartite collaboration is to exchange  students and fellows among the institutions to provide one of a kind learning opportunities and educational enhancement in the field of Public Health, specifically the investigation of new tools and the use of Big-Data to discover modifiable risk factors for disease.

Current, past, or future exchanges:

Visiting Utrecht University

  • Miaomiao Sun (CUHK), September - November 2016, "shift work and the risk of obesity"
  • Zhang Zilong (CUHK): October - November 2016, "modeling exposure to air pollution"
  • Kerolyn Shairsingh (UoT): October 2016, "GIS based methods and mobile monitoring of air pollutants"
  • Joseph Okeme (UoT): October 2016, "sampling methods (PBMS, Broach)"

Visiting University of Toronto

  • Jules Kerckhof (UU): November-December 2017, "Land use regression to model exposure to air pollution"
  • Jelle Vlaanderen (UU): December 2017, "DNA methylation in relation to air pollution"
  • Jorik Dekker (UU): May 2018 - December 2018, "Urban form and Health" 

Visiting Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • TBC