I3CARE Symposium "Assessing the health risks of the chemicals that surround us"

We are exposed to a multitude of synthetic chemicals on a daily basis through our diet, products, and indoor and outdoor environments. Some have been shown to be harmful to human health, yet the health risks of the majority of environmental chemicals are poorly characterized or unknown.

On Tuesday 18 September 2017, I3CARE (the International Tripartite Collaboration to Advance Exposome Research) organized a symposium in Utrecht in which three speakers discussed how to quantify low-level chemical exposures, and how to systematically evaluate the potential health effects of chemical mixtures and the exposome. Specific attention was given to the theoretical limitations and practical challenges of multi-pollutant and exposure-wide modelling approaches, and the need for continued methodological advancements in this emerging and rapidly evolving facet of environmental health science. Video registrations of these presentations are available here.